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Filling Your Prescriptions
Filling Prescriptions at eRxCity

At eRxCity Pharmacy, we are committed to meet all your prescription medication needs.  You can request refills by phone at our store or eRxCity Lounge locations.  Using our robotic prescription dispensing system, we strive to provide accurate and efficient customer care.  Our goal is to fill all walk-in prescriptions within 15 minutes and refill phone requests within one hour.  If you request to have your prescription delivered to our Lounge, we will try to fill it within 20 minutes.


All refills must be authorized by your doctor at least once per year.  The labels on your prescription bottle will indicate if you have refills remaining and when the prescription expires.  The labels are available in Chinese and English.  If you authorize us to auto-refill your prescriptions, we will contact you to come pick it up when it is ready.  If your prescription has expired or is out of refills, please call 3 days in advance so we have time to contact your physician for a refill authorization.


Some medications are strictly regulated to prevent drug misuse or abuse and require a new signed prescription each time.  These are most often pain medications, depressants, and stimulants.  For these medications we cannot obtain authorization from your doctor by fax or phone; you must bring an original, physician-signed copy of the prescription to the pharmacy for each fill.


Please be aware that your insurance company will dictate when we can fill your prescription.  If you were given a 30 day supply on the first of the month, most insurance companies will not allow us to refill your prescription before the 26th of the month.  If the doctor increased your medication dose or frequency and it is not lasting 30 days, we will need a new prescription from your physician.




How long does it take to get my prescription filled?  Our goal is to accurately fill your prescription within 15 minutes.  The wait time may be longer if we have not yet received the prescription from the physician; your insurance denies the claim and we need to contact them; if the prescription instructions are unclear and we need to contact the physician for clarification; or we are experiencing a high volume of prescription requests and there are other customers ahead of you.  We will keep you updated if there are any problems which may prevent us from filling your prescription in a timely manner.


Why can’t I get a 90 day supply of my medication?  The physician must write a prescription for a 90 day supply of your medicine in order to fill that quantity.  Contact your physician and let him/her know you would like a 90 day supply or talk to one of our pharmacists to find out if it could be filled for 90 days.  In some cases the insurance company will not allow us to fill more than a 30 day supply.


How much will my prescription cost?  Pricing may vary.  If you have insurance, we have to enter the full prescription information into our computer system to find out the amount for your co-pay or if there is one.  If you do not have insurance, we will do our best to give you the lowest possible price while complying with the pricing laws of the government.  If you are uninsured or your insurance does not cover a prescription drug, our pharmacy offers prescription drug discounts, which can save you, on average, 15% on brand name and 55% on generic prescription drugs.  These prescription drug discount cards are available free of charge.


How do I find out if I could get a cheaper drug?  Ask your physician or pharmacist if there is a generic or equivalent drug that may be cheaper than the drug prescribed.


What is the difference between brand name and generic drugs?  A brand-name drug can only be produced and sold by the company that holds the patent for the drug.  Generic drugs are made of exactly the same active ingredients as brand-name drugs.  Although, the generic equivalent drugs may appear different in shape, size or color, they must be identical in dosage form, intended use, performance characteristics, side effects, route of administration, risks, safety, and strength as the brand-name drug.


Brand name drugs are not always safer.  Recalls have been reported by makers of brand-name drugs, such as Tylenol.  The FDA requires that generic drugs be as safe and effective as their brand-name counterparts. 


Brand name drugs cost more simply because the companies that make them spend a lot of money on research, marketing and advertising.  Once a drug’s patent expires, a generic version of the drug can be produced and sold.  Generic drugs are cheaper because the manufacturers have not had the expenses of developing and marketing a new drug. 


What should I do if I lose my prescription medication?  You should notify your physician for another prescription and have him/her inform your pharmacist of the situation.  In some cases, the pharmacist can call your insurance company to see if they will cover the quantity needed.  Otherwise, you may need to pay for it yourself.


What should I do about ordering refills if I will be going on vacation?  If there are no more refills on your prescription, you should notify your doctor and ask for an early refill so you do not run out while you are away from home.  If your doctor authorizes an early refill, let our pharmacists know and we will help process it.  Please note that we may also need to call your insurance company for a vacation override.


Can I get my medication with a prescription written by a physician outside of the U.S.?  No.  It is against the laws of the government to fill prescriptions written by a physician outside of the U.S.  In order to get your medications, you must have a prescription signed by a physician licensed in the U.S. 


How can I prevent prescription drug misuse or abuse?  Drug misuse or abuse is very common.  You should keep your doctor informed about all the medications you are taking, including over-the-counter medications.  Take your medication(s) as prescribed and read the information your pharmacist provides before starting to take medications.  Ask your doctor or pharmacist about your medication, especially about its side effects and risks.


What should I do if I experience an adverse reaction from my medication?  If you experience any adverse effects from a medicine, you should call you doctor immediately.  If effects are life-threatening, call 9-1-1 or go to the nearest emergency room.


The child resistant caps makes it so hard to open the medicine bottle, can I request easy caps?  It is required by law that child resistant caps be used when bottling medication.  This is to reduce the risk of children ingesting or tampering with the medication without adult supervision.  However, you can request easy caps if you prefer easier access or if you don’t have children living in your household.  The pharmacist will have to document your request in your patient profile.


What is the difference between electronic prescriptions, fax prescriptions and hand-written prescriptions?  Electronic prescriptions (e-prescriptions) eliminate illegibility from hand-written prescriptions, decreasing the risk of medication errors.  It enhances patient safety and medication compliance.  It provides clear and accurate information, which allows the pharmacist to work more efficiently and reduces time spent calling the physician to clarify the prescription.  It also provides patient convenience so you do not have to bring a hand-written prescription to the pharmacy and worry about misplacing or damaging it.  The pharmacist can start filling your prescription once it is received electronically, reducing your wait time.  With e-prescriptions, we can refill your prescription by sending a refill request to your physician.  Our pharmacy system is immediately updated with your physician's approval or denial of the refill.


Faxed prescriptions are hand-written prescriptions from the physician that are faxed to the pharmacy via the fax machine.  The pharmacist can start filling your prescription when it is received, reducing your wait time.  In some cases, you may need to bring the original prescription from your physician to the pharmacy.


You can bring hand-written prescriptions from your physician to the pharmacy in person. Hand-written prescriptions are often illegible.  When in doubt, the pharmacist will have to call the physician for clarification.  This may lengthen your wait time to fill your prescription.


What time of the day should I take this medication?  Before or after meal? Full or empty stomach?  If I don’t feel well after taking the medication on an empty stomach then what should I do?  This may differ for each medication. It is best to consult your physician or pharmacist regarding this.  Most often, you will be advised to take your medication after meals if it upsets your stomach, unless it affects the drug’s absorption.


How come the same type of drug can vary in shape, color or size?  Is there a difference in the contents?  This may be due to different manufacturers of generic medications.  The active ingredient and effect should be the same.  See FAQ for brand name vs. generic drugs.


Why must I stick with the brand name drug for certain medications?  There are certain medications that the body is sensitive to even the slightest dose adjustments.  These include some hormonal medications, seizure medications, cardiovascular medications, etc.  Consult your physician or pharmacist if your medication(s) fall in these categories.


How can I safely dispose of medication that I don’t need anymore?  The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation advises the public not to flush medications down the toilet.  Please mix unwanted medication with household waste, such a coffee ground, tape up in a container, and dispose in the garbage.


How long are prescriptions valid for?  Prescriptions are generally valid for one year from written date unless it is for controlled substances, which is valid for one month.  Insurances may have their own limitation on how long prescriptions are good for.  For example: For New York State Medicaid, prescriptions are valid for two months.

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